What is the future of digital technology in pathology, and how are MedTech leaders like PathologyWatch creating a pathway for innovative patient care? 

These are some of the questions Greg Osmond, MD, cofounder and chief medical officer of PathologyWatch, discussed during his interview with Orlando Medical News.

“I have been privileged to train under, work in, and consult with some of the best hospital systems and pathology departments in the country,” said Osmond. “Health systems and providers are looking for ways to enhance efficiencies in providing care while simultaneously improving quality.”

Along with the expertise of cofounders Dan Lambert and Michael Torno, Greg Osmond recognizes the increased demand placed on dermatologists to improve workflow, decrease turnaround time on testing, and improve accuracy. Many dermatologists turn to innovations such as EMR interfacing and expanding access to dermatopathologist reads for solutions. 

In this interview, Osmond explains the growing interest in digital technology, the benefits, and the current challenges facing the dermatology practice. 

OMN: Why are dermatologists now becoming interested in this technology?

Greg: In the last decade alone, new cancer cases have risen 40 percent in the United States. Digital pathology has quickly proven itself as a viable option as diagnosis using digital slides has been shown to be equivalent to diagnosis from glass slides.

OMN: What are the benefits of adopting digital dermatopathology?

Greg: Whole-slide imaging has introduced measurable advantages that modern practices can use to improve workflow, decrease turnaround time, reduce errors, experience the instant access of an EMR interface, and take advantage of academic-level dermatopathologist reads. 

OMN: What are the current challenges, and how do we solve them?

Greg: Currently, there are four main barriers to enter digital dermatopathology: high acquisition costs, specialized software and hardware requirements, IT infrastructure demands, and insufficient quality of digital slides. PatholologyWatch gives dermatologists the ability to harness the benefits of digital pathology by circumventing these barriers. 

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