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Did you know your medical staff spends around 10 hours every week handling paperwork and administrative tasks? That’s an entire day lost on organizing paper forms and tracking down patient files. 

With increased demands for more personalized patient care paired with a need for more efficient workflow processes, many dermatologists are frustrated by inconsistent turnaround times on test slides or a lack of communication with their lab partners. 

Here’s the good news: Digital pathology is an innovative and effective option that streamlines lab testing, produces fast, accurate test results, and reduces staff burdens. 

“Whole-slide imaging has introduced measurable advantages that modern practices can use to improve workflow, decrease turnaround time, reduce errors, experience the instant access of an EMR interface, and take advantage of academic-level dermatopathologist reads,” says Greg Osmond, a board-certified pathologist, dermatopathologist, and chief medical officer and cofounder of PathologyWatch. “Put simply, digital dermatopathology cuts down on physician time and error, resulting in a simpler, more streamlined workflow and a high level of patient care and satisfaction.”

It’s time you partnered with a dermpath lab that can make a measurable difference in your dermatology practice. 

Here’s an easier way to improve patient care.

PathologyWatch is a full-service dermpath lab that helps you maintain optimal patient outcomes while reducing staff burdens. Our digital pathology solutions combine the expertise and cutting-edge technology of an academic center with a private lab’s efficiency and customer service.

PathologyWatch makes the digital pathology process simple by offering the following: 

  • Full EMR integration 
  • Direct reporting to your EMR 
  • Easy access to your digital slides 
  • Broad insurance coverage 
  • Academic-level reads 
  • 48-hour turnaround on most reports

In this video, learn how PathologyWatch simplifies the digital pathology process.  

We understand that your time is important. We also appreciate the value of improving patient outcomes, streamlining staff job duties, and tapping into academic-level reads. Our digital pathology technology was designed with you and your patients in mind.

If you’re interested in streamlining your workflow, increasing efficiency, and accessing digital pathology, contact PathologyWatch today.