In a new article published by Forbes, Dan Lambert, CEO of PathologyWatch, examines how the pandemic is causing harm to particular functions of the healthcare industry.

While COVID-19 will have a long-lasting physical and economic impact worldwide, it has also exposed some troubling problems within the healthcare community. These include steep financial challenges facing hospitals and private practices, patients delaying medical procedures, overlooking pre-existing healthcare industry concerns, and bottlenecks in pathology lab workflow.

Dan explains, “When a pathology lab delays processing skin specimens or other biopsies to focus on COVID-19 cases, it unintentionally increases the patient’s level of risk.” He adds, “Some estimates claim these coronavirus postponements will lead to over 10,000 cancer fatalities in the next decade. By reducing the wait time for day-to-day lab results today, we can save lives tomorrow.”

Dan also shares five action items that could help the healthcare industry improve the situation before it’s too late. These include telehealth adoption, hospital bailouts, digital data transfer, alternative insurance options, and academic standards.

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