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Specimen Supplies

7mL Container

Specimen Container

20mL Container

Specimen Container

60mL Vial Container

Specimen Container

Specimen tracking log for PathologyWatch

Carbon Copy
Specimen Log

Michels Solution

Michel’s Solution

 specimen labels

Specimen Labels

PathologyWatch Biopsy Flyer

Biopsy Billing Flyers


BioHazard Bag

Specimen Biohazard Bag
2 pockets

UPS pack

Laboratory Pak Bags

UPS box

UPS Laboratory Boxes

fedex box

FedEx Medium Clinical Box

fedex large pak

FedEx Large Clinical Pak

Large ziplock pathology bags

Large Ziplock Bags
(Courier Only)

Large ziplock pathology bags

Specimen STAT Red
Biohazard Bags

Order Form

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