Dermatologists and other skin care providers depend on dermatopathologists to accurately diagnose and manage skin biopsies. The lifetime risk of an individual experiencing melanoma is about 2.6 percent, which means you need to create a dependable standard of care. When it comes to dermatology, providing your patients with reliable and efficient care requires partnering with dependable dermatopathologists who can accurately diagnose skin diseases. And that’s just the beginning.

Clear and timely communication between clinician and pathologist is also imperative to ensure accurate diagnosis and patient satisfaction. With information and specimens passing through several people before finally reaching the hands of a clinician, the risk of miscommunication may adversely affect the quality of care provided to dermatology patients. 

A digital dermatopathology lab partner like PathologyWatch can provide access to industry-leading biopsy reads to help maintain the quality of care you give to your patients. While the most common way these services relay this information is through Electronic Medical Records (EMR), you don’t need to have an EMR to benefit from these state-of-the-art services. Let’s dive into five of the most powerful ways working with a digital dermpath solution can benefit your practice.

Access to Academic-Level Reads

There is nothing more important in the healthcare industry than providing your patients with exceptional care, and dermatology is no exception. With over 200,000 Americans diagnosed with—and over 7,000 killed by—melanoma every year, it’s vital to rely on capable pathologists to avoid missing any possible cases of skin cancer. This requires having strong confidence in your pathologists and their ability to accurately diagnose all of your patients. 

To ensure positive care for your patients, look for a lab with years of experience and credible education. If you don’t have EMR, make sure to find a group that knows how to provide access to quality reads within the time you need it. With options for automatic faxing and other forms of digital communication, you can still get those reads as quickly as you need them. Let pathologists focus on the diagnosis so you can focus on providing an optimal level of patient care.

Quick Turnaround Times

The last thing you want is to keep your patient waiting for weeks before receiving a diagnosis. For instance, knowing the stage and location of a melanoma as quickly as possible can help you make faster decisions about which type of treatment will be best for your patient early on in the process. 

Working with PathologyWatch can help you access most academic-level dermpath reports within 48 hours, even without an EMR. Make sure to find a dermpath lab that makes delivering reads their priority, as quick diagnoses are vital to help you make fast decisions to help those who need it most. 

Easy Access to Quality Diagnostic Reports

While there are certainly advantages to using an EMR software, it’s not necessary when providing great patient care. You can still have access to the same high level of diagnostic reports. Cloud access to high-resolution digital slides and diagnostic reports allows you to view reports at the press of a button. In addition, there are options for automatic fax reports sent straight to your office. 

On top of searching for a lab that offers convenient access to reports, it’s also important to search for a solution that will protect patient data from any ongoing security breaches. Whether reports are stored on the Cloud or between fax machines, make sure to find a group that keeps the security of patient data at the forefront of their solutions. 

Communication with Experts throughout the Country

Sometimes you need a second opinion, especially when it comes to something as life-threatening as melanoma. Another professional’s experience and perspective could potentially help you provide better care for your patients. 

EMR isn’t required to connect dermatologists to pathologists when there are other digital solutions available. A full-service dermpath lab like PathologyWatch can provide real-time access to slides and quick responses from leading dermatopathologists around the world. Whether you need to discuss a particular case or learn more about new industry advances, having a group of experts by your side to provide any required advice is a significant advantage.

Responsive Customer Service

Whether you have a question about a diagnosis or a report or simply want to share clinical background about a particular case, relying on the lab’s customer service team is necessary to keep operations running normally. In a field that relies on quick and accurate communication, finding a lab that is easy to reach can make things much easier on you and your staff. 

At PathologyWatch, our team is dedicated to giving you all the tools you need to provide excellent care for your patients, which includes broad insurance options. We’re also committed to a high level of customer service and responsive communication. We’re there to support you however you need it.

PathologyWatch is driven to help dermatologists provide better care to their patients by delivering digital pathology services to dermatologists throughout the United States. With access to academic-level reads, quick turnaround times, quality diagnostic reports, communication with skin experts around the world, and quality customer service, we ensure you have the tools you need to provide quality healthcare. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you dial up the dermatology care you give your patients—with or without EMR.