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Partnering with PathologyWatch provided Cedars-Sinai with novel solutions to grow and manage a business in a new demographic.

At a Glance

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is responsible for fulfilling the pathological needs of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. In addition, they provide a market of outreach clients with access to broad insurance contacts and a network of academic-level pathology specialists.



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The Challenge

The academic pathology department at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was interested in outreach growth but faced three barriers common to traditional hospital systems:


  • Pricing: It is costly to use hospital resources to attract and cultivate outside clients.
  • Dedicated Marketing and Sales: Outreach client issues are quite different from hospital-based clients in terms of billing insurance contracts and turnaround time expectations, requiring a need for outreach sales and marketing expertise to attract and preserve outreach customers.
  • Staffing: Hospital support staff are dedicated to hospital-based practice, which is quite busy; adding to their existing workload is challenging.

The Solution

Partnering with PathologyWatch (1) provides novel solutions to grow and manage a business in a new demographic and (2) avoids the pain points of a large institution while adding expert reads and broad insurance coverage to smaller clients.

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Convenient Digital Slide Access

Using the cloud-based HIPAA-compliant PathologyWatch system means the LIS and digital display are accessible anytime from a desktop or device. Digital scans make it easy for pathologists to review a case with a clinician without involving the front office staff.

The Ability to Grow Business

The PathologyWatch marketing and client services team allows the pathology department to have dedicated outreach and increase business opportunities.

Tech-Savvy Client Services

When there are issues with a case or digital workflow questions, qualified customer representatives respond rapidly with helpful solutions.

Ease of Implementation

Avoids the intrinsic costs of purchasing, installing, validating, and maintaining expensive equipment and infrastructure while providing an easy entry point to digital pathology.

No Minimums. No Startup Costs. No More Dermpath Headaches.

Let’s Get Started

We would love the opportunity to come by your office to show you more about how PathologyWatch can help your practice.