Case Study

High Valley Dermatology

Since partnering with PathologyWatch, High Valley Dermatology has reduced the turnaround time for their patients’ test results and streamlined access to specialized dermatopathology consultations to ensure the highest quality and most innovative patient care possible.

At a Glance

For nearly 20 years, High Valley Dermatology has helped thousands of southeast Idaho patients with general dermatological care while offering the only two fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons in the region to handle the diagnosis and treatment of all skin cancers.



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The Challenge

When it comes to fast turnaround times on lab results, time was not on High Valley Dermatology’s side. Before partnering with PathologyWatch, it took over a week (and often longer) to receive reads from out-of-state lab partners. There were even times when specimens went missing in transit. Saddled with unpredictable shipping times and unclear billing procedures, High Valley Dermatology knew this wasn’t an efficient use of their time.

The Solution

With PathologyWatch, a 48-hour turnaround time on lab results—paired with personal follow-up calls from a qualified dermatopathologist for unique cases—means High Valley Dermatology can establish a diagnosis and start treatment faster.

EMR Integration

The Solution

By working with PathologyWatch, Northern Utah Dermatology gained access to a network of insurance partnerships. After a smooth transition, they also discovered the simplicity of a digital pathology workflow, with results and slides delivered directly to each patient’s EHR.


48-Hour Turnaround Time on Most Cases

Digital whole-slide imaging reduces the turnaround time from weeks to hours.


Access to Digital Images

High Valley Dermatology has access to whole-slide images within 12–24 hours after samples leave the office.

Personal, Collaborative Relationships

Providers can reach out directly to interpreting dermatopathologists for real-time discussion using digital slide images.

Expanded Access to Expertise

Follow-up calls from a qualified dermatopathologist ensure an accurate and confident diagnosis.

No Minimums. No Startup Costs. No More Dermpath Headaches.

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