Case StudyVivida Dermatology, Las Vegas

Partnering with PathologyWatch provided Vivida Las Vegas with an experience that allowed better communication within the organization.

At a Glance

The original home of Vivida Dermatology, the Las Vegas location is the leading dermatology center for general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. Their surgical center focuses on skin cancer treatment via micrographic surgery performed by fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons, and their general dermatology clinic treats acne, cysts, moles, and more.



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Digital Slide

The Challenge

The multiclinic dermatology group had their own in-house lab and was sending out a percentage of cases they did not wish to read themselves. They were unhappy using labs that were required by certain insurances due to the quality of the reads and lack of EMR integration.

The Solution

Staff at Vivida Las Vegas cited a better overall experience with PathologyWatch when compared to previous providers, saying the strong rapport of familiarity and trust has allowed for better communication. Whenever a new process has been tested, both organizations have been involved, resulting in an unparalleled quality of service.



Consistent Quality Reporting

PathologyWatch provided higher-caliber reports than Vivida Las Vegas had seen from previous services, addressing issues of clarity and integration with other systems.

Personalized Dermatopathology Service 

Real-time interaction with interpreting dermatopathologists using digital slide images allows for improved clarity on a case-by-case basis.

Improved Patient Experience

Account management and billing have provided a better experience for patients, with any discrepancies quickly addressed and resolved.


Efficient Turnaround Time

Staff members are able to focus their attention on client care and other tasks because less time is being spent on handling samples.

No Minimums. No Startup Costs. No More Dermpath Headaches.

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