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Creating a New Standard of Care for Dermatopathology

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PathologyWatch is a digital pathology services solution that combines the expertise and cutting-edge technology of an academic center and the efficiency and customer service of a private lab.

pathologywatch Digital-Dematopathology

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Benefits of PathologyWatch

Saves Physicians Time

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  • 24/7 access to your digital slides*
  • Reports linked directly to patient’s chart for easy review and speedy follow-up
  • Definitive academic-level reports that help you make decisions fast
  • Fewer patient calls, more patient satisfaction
  • Dermatopathologist available to help you with concerns or questions
  • No headaches or stress of in-house lab*

Reduces Staff Burden

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  • No more handwritten forms or labels
  • No handwritten pathology log
  • All reports attached directly to a patient’s digital chart
  • No more faxing, scanning, or sorting through e-faxes
  • Provider standing by to communicate with staff about patient scheduling and call-backs
  • Multiple staff members can work on electronic workflow
  • Smooth transition enabled by platinum onboarding 

Optimizes Patient Outcomes

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  • In-network, academic-level interpretations and consults
  • Ability to view and/or interpret your own cases, which can improve clinicopathologic correlation and clinical decision-making
  • Electronic workflow, which results in fewer errors
  • 24–48 hour turnaround on most cases, resulting in higher patient satisfaction and fewer calls

Captures Untapped Revenue

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  • Keep revenue in your own practice using a clinical skill for which you were trained*
  • Distinguish your skill set from mid-level and primary care providers*

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