Digital Transformation for Large Clinics and Hospitals

Pathology is in the early stages of digitization and moving towards computer-aided diagnostics.

Our clients have found that digitization has improved the quality of patient care, reduced costs, and opened up new potential streams of revenue.

Instead of costly locum tenens, hospitals and high-volume clinics can now rely on an expert network of telepathologists. This not only significantly reduces costs but also greatly improves the standard of care provided to patients. Pools of locum tenens talent tend to be fairly uniform and limit access to fellowship-trained pathology subspecialists.

Providers seek us out as a solution to problems like understaffing, overflow volume, or simply the pain points associated with running rural operations. Digital transformation typically requires a three- to six-month time investment. Our experience has been that partners who digitize almost always realize a net positive return on investment.

pathologywatch Digital Dematopathology

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End-to-End Solution for Digital Transformation

PathologyWatch can help your institution or laboratory evaluate your options in the following areas:

  • Scanner acquisition and maintenance
  • Infrastructure implementation (servers, connectivity, and bandwidth testing)
  • Software for remote image viewing and configuration for remote endpoints
  • Electronic medical records integration
  • Access to our network of experts from more than eight different subspecialties
  • Handling of primary and secondary opinion interpretations

Benefits of Digital Pathology

As one of the few digital integrators in pathology, we take pride in having a team that is able to manage both the business and technology aspects of a transformation. Benefits of digital pathology include the following:

  • Significant reduction in locum tenens spend and overhead
  • Moving from a salaried workforce model to a contractor model
  • Consistent staffing
  • Improved access to subspecialists and second opinions
  • Improved read quality and associated cost savings resulting from better interpretations
  • Better management of seasonality/volume variability
  • Improved turnaround time
  • Additional revenue streams from licensing data sets
  • Potential for quantitative immunohistochemistry/biomarker analysis
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Let’s Get Started

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