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Utilizing EMR Systems to Advance Dermatology Patient Care and Improve Practice Efficiency

There has never been a greater urgency for dermatologists and pathologists to lend their talents and expertise to diagnose our growing populations. Advancements in whole-slide imaging, access to EMR interfacing, and the rise of high-speed networking allow dermatology clinics to experience the benefits of digital dermatopathology.

The Benefits of Utilizing EMR Systems whitepaper

The Benefits of Utilizing EMR Systems

According to the CDC, over 85 percent of office-based physicians use an EMR system, and it’s easy to see why. EMR systems provide access to accurate, real-time, and complete patient data, allowing healthcare providers to improve diagnosis and treatment and ultimately deliver better care to their patients. The same is true of using an EMR system in your dermatology practice: With the right system, you can save valuable physician time, optimize patient outcomes, reduce staff burdens, and accelerate turnaround time.

In this guide, we will explore the most important EMR-related topics that dermatologists need to know about the following:
• Relevant Pros and Cons
• Important Features to Look Out For
• How to Use EMR to Reduce Errors
• And More!


April Larson, MD

April Larson, MD

Rajni Mandal, MD

Rajni Mandal, MD

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