How does one slated to become an astronaut end up becoming a leading dermatopathologist? 

In a recent interview with Orlando Medical News, Darren Whittemore, DO, explains his roundabout journey to becoming a dermatopathologist and, ultimately, joining PathologyWatch. 

“The innovation emerging from this field has a global impact,” says Darren. “Technology has the power to bring together experts and students, breaking down barriers and extending our reach to smaller clinics in rural areas.”

Here are some highlights from that interview: 

OMN: Why did you choose a career in medicine?

Darren: While part of the aerospace engineering program as an undergraduate, I came to appreciate the completion of a project, which doesn’t always happen in the real engineering market. I was drawn to watching a project come full-circle. That’s what helped me decide to move toward a career in medicine. Those plans were confirmed when I got an Air Force scholarship for pathology at one of the biggest AF academic centers at the time.

OMN: What are you continuing to strive for in the world of dermatopathology?

Darren: I am fortunate to be surrounded by individuals who are committed to helping dermatology clinics deliver industry-leading care to their patients. That’s why I chose a career in dermatopathology: to make a difference.

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