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The Digital Dermatopathology Digest (or 3D) is a new educational video series designed to review dermatopathology concepts commonly found in board assessments and examinations. Compact and precise, each video offers a quick summary of basic dermatopathology entities, which can serve as a short, high-yield review for dermatologists in practice or training.

The Digital Dermatopathology Digest is presented by PathologyWatch, a full-service dermatopathology laboratory revolutionizing digital pathology for dermatologists. Hosted by dermatopathologist Dr. Rajni Mandal, each video guides viewers through five key concepts while demonstrating the features in an interactive digital slide image.

In the first episode, viewers will learn about “Normal Skin and Variants,” reviewing five key concepts:

  1. The dermis can vary in thickness based on location.
  2. Acral skin has compact hyperkeratosis in the stratum corneum.
  3. Large terminal hair follicles and sebaceous glands are seen in scalp and hair-bearing skin.
  4. Solar elastosis can be seen in areas of sun damage.
  5. Apocrine glands are seen in the axilla, nipple, ear canal, eyelids, and genital area.

Whether you’re in residency, studying for board exams, or a practicing dermatologist looking to stay sharp, the Digital Dermatopathology Digest video series is your informational and convenient source for dermatopathology review. Find the full series here.