As the global demand for dermatology solutions has increased, PathologyWatch has been at the forefront of serving both patients and clinicians through innovation in digital dermatopathology. By providing benefits like increased efficiency, enhanced patient care, and new opportunities for revenue growth, PathologyWatch is recognized for transforming the dermatological experience for providers and patients alike.

MedHealth Outlook recently ranked PathologyWatch as one of the top 10 dermatology solution providers across the globe. In its feature, CEO Dan Lambert shares how PathologyWatch is helping reduce the cost of pathology while creating better patient care across the country. Read on for key highlights, or visit this link to read the full article.

The Need for Digital Transformation

Simplifying the clinical workflow results in optimal clinical decision making and enhanced patient care. Without a computerized pathology platform, hospitals and dermatology clinics miss out on increased efficiency by sharing digital histologic slides and direct interaction with the preferred EMR.

PathologyWatch provides this increased level of care and efficiency not only through its digital tools but also its network of academic-level dermatopathologists and expert consultation. With around-the-clock access to knowledgeable telepathologists, hospitals and clinics can rely on PathologyWatch for expert locum tenens support at any time. By saving both time and money with PathologyWatch, healthcare providers can better position themselves for whatever the future may hold.

How Do Digital Pathology Services Work?

By combining the knowledge and technology of an academic center with the efficiency and customer service of a private lab, PathologyWatch helps labs embrace digital transformations quickly and keep everything functioning efficiently. Within just three to six months, PathologyWatch and its team of experts can help clinics complete this transition and manage digital pathology diagnostics in a wide variety of subspecialties.

To continue helping patients receive faster diagnoses and equal access to dermatopathology services while empowering laboratories, PathologyWatch is pursuing expanding its reach with artificial intelligence. This tool will provide even more value to PathologyWatch’s services, which already include completely integrated EMR reporting and round-the-clock access to digital slides. Thanks to PathologyWatch’s end-to-end solution, dermatologists now have access to an effective integration of EMRs, laboratory information systems, scanners, and digital viewer technologies.

PathologyWatch in Action

PathologyWatch’s partners that digitize consistently report a net positive return on investment. When facing challenges related to understaffing, overflow volume, or difficulty managing rural operations, providers turn to PathologyWatch for help. 

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is a classic example of how PathologyWatch provides value to its clients: Wanting to grow its outreach, Cedars-Sinai partnered with PathologyWatch for novel growth solutions in a new demographic, access to experts, and broad insurance coverage.

However, Cedars-Sinai isn’t the only clinic that has been transformed by PathologyWatch. “We are honored that of all the digital dermpath labs available, dermatologists are increasingly choosing to partner with us,” says Lambert. ”As digital dermatopathology begins to grow, it has the potential to reduce the costs of pathology by billions while creating better patient care for everyone across the country. We’re thrilled to be winning so much volume so quickly.”

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