Case Study

Allen-Taintor Dermatology

PathologyWatch assisted Allen-Taintor Dermatology as a more reliable and efficient pathology partner to help them better serve patients.

At a Glance

Allen-Taintor came to PathologyWatch looking for a more reliable and efficient pathology partner to help them better serve their patients. PathologyWatch implemented ValueWatch, which processes and digitizes biopsy slides, providing immediate, 24/7 access, improved efficiency, and better patient satisfaction.

Services Provided:

Saves Physician Time

mole exams

The Challenge

Allen-Taintor Dermatology experienced a cumbersome workflow with the pathology group they were working with. Reports were emailed and attached separately to the patient’s record by the internal staff. Slides for review were mailed and regularly took up to two weeks to reach their office.

The Solution

PathologyWatch collaborated with Allen-Taintor Dermatology to deliver faster results by interfacing directly with the EMR, providing faster turnaround time with academic-level reads, and uploading digital slides directly to the patient’s record.



Improved operational efficiency with digital workflows.

Pathology results are uploaded directly to the clinic EHR, and pathology-related fields are automatically pre-populated for the dermatologist and clinic staff.

75% reduction in dermatologist review time.

Academic-level reads were provided alongside digital imagery, significantly reducing the time necessary to review the pathology report and enhancing the quality of the overall read.

Improved patient satisfaction.

The dermatologists use the digital slides to help teach their patients about their biopsy results and resulting cancer care.

Better communication.

PathologyWatch physicians reach out to the dermatologists to discuss cases. Clinician and pathologist can review the same digital slide image.

75% faster sample turnaround.

Turnaround time significantly improved from up to two weeks to approximately two days for most cases.

No Minimums. No Startup Costs. No More DermPath Headaches.

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