Case Study

Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists

As a clinical assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania in the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, Roman Bronfenbrener, MD, appreciates the emerging digital technologies in pathology that are elevating the field and the knowledge of future dermatologists.

At a Glance

As a dual board-certified dermatologist with expertise in micrographic dermatologic surgery, Dr. Bronfenbrener witnesses its impact on patient outcomes every day. When it first opened its doors in 2020, the Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists knew that relying on glass slides would limit the clinic’s ability to produce positive patient outcomes. They’ve been with PathologyWatch since the beginning and built their practice around PathologyWatch’s accurate, quick, and responsive digital imaging slides and dermpath services. 

The benefit of running his own clinic is having the freedom to partner with a lab that will provide the best service and results for his patients.

“PW is awesome for the simple fact that they scan digital slides, which allow for rapid collaboration with the pathologist and your patient.”

—Roman Bronfenbrener, MD, FAAD

The Challenge

Roman Bronfenbrener and his staff are committed to providing the best patient experience possible. But Dr. Bronfenbrener felt relying on glass slides would limit their ability to provide patients with the level of care they required. 

With whole-slide imaging, Dr. Bronfenbrener can download specimens and easily zoom in on high-resolution images using his iPad, add notes, and share screenshots. Quick turnarounds are especially important for patients who are anxious to learn their test results and discuss their treatment options while viewing their diagnosis.

The Solution

The Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists turned to PathologyWatch for expertise in scanning and digitizing slides. The reads are quick, and if he has questions, direct contact with his dermpath—paired with digital slides and the PathologyWatch viewer—makes it easy for Dr. Bronfenbrener and his team to collaborate and address any specimen concerns. 

As a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Penn Medicine, Dr. Bronfenbrener recognizes the impact digital pathology has on the future of dermatology. The capabilities to manipulate, annotate, and screenshot images of specimens and share with students (without identifiers) enhances the teaching experience for residents and peers.


The Solution

By working with PathologyWatch, Northern Utah Dermatology gained access to a network of insurance partnerships. After a smooth transition, they also discovered the simplicity of a digital pathology workflow, with results and slides delivered directly to each patient’s EHR.


Digital Slides Help Instruct Medical Students

The digital slides provide excellent tools from a teaching perspective.

Responsive, Supportive Dermpath Staff

Direct, responsive contact with PW dermpaths makes for exceptional professional support.


Easy Access to Digital Slides Encourages Meaningful Collaboration

Digital slides and the PathologyWatch viewer make it very easy to collaborate with PW dermpaths.

Faster Turnaround Times on Most Cases

Fast turnaround times on digital slides creates positive patient outcomes.

No Minimums. No Startup Costs. No More Dermpath Headaches.

Let’s Get Started

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