Digital Dermatopathology: Challenges and Opportunities

Digital dermatopathology is quickly proving itself superior to traditional practices.

In 2017, a study revealed complete clinical concordance between whole-slide imaging and microscopy in 98.8 percent of cases. With a near-equivalent diagnosis to glass slides, the modern advantages of digital dermatopathology make it a valuable asset for every dermatology clinic.

So what is preventing dermatology clinics from taking advantage of digital imaging?

In this webinar, we’ll first discuss some of the barriers to entry preventing dermatology clinics from participating in the benefits of digital pathology. We’ll next discuss why dermatologists should digitize and then show how physicians can benefit from the digital transformation of dermatopathology.

Transformation of digital derm webinar


Karen Blanchette

Karen Blanchette

Executive Director, PAHCOM

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