PathologyWatch was recently ranked by MedTech Innovator as one of the top 50 most transformative device, diagnostic, and digital health technologies from around the globe. PathologyWatch will participate in a flagship, four-month Showcase and Accelerator program that offers unparalleled visibility and access to some of the medtech industry’s leading manufacturers, providers, investors, and other industry stakeholders. 

“Our goal at MedTech Innovator is to find the most promising medical innovations and make sure they actually reach the patients who need them,” said Paul Grand, CEO of MedTech Innovator. “We are thrilled with the caliber of the startups participating in this year’s cohort and we look forward to providing them with the resources and mentorship they need to succeed.”

Since 2017, PathologyWatch has been an innovative leader in intuitive, easy-to-implement digital dermatopathology solutions that aim to streamline the diagnostic process while improving patient care models. 

Compared to its competitors, PathologyWatch focuses on enhancing services available in outpatient clinics by offering a fully interfaced EMR reporting process, access to top dermatopathologists with the option to interpret and bill for their cases, and provide their clients 24/7 access to digital slides. 

“I believe PathologyWatch is the future of dermatopathology for dermatologists. The group combines academic expertise with the efficiency of a private lab. It is a huge timesaver for me and my staff,” said April Larson, a certified dermatologist, and VP of client experience and advisory board at PathologyWatch. “By reviewing my own cases, I am able to make better clinical decisions for my patients. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

With PathologyWatch, clinics can significantly reduce the time it takes from completing the patient examination to diagnosis with high-quality reads that lead to improved patient-provider relationships in shared medical decisions. What typically takes two weeks to receive a diagnosis can now potentially take two days through the efficient workflow that PathologyWatch has developed.

The 50 companies selected by MedTech Innovator will compete in the final competition at The MedTech Conference in September 2021. 

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